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In D.A.R.E we have had a lot of fun learning about drugs and what they can do to your brain and body. Like smoking becomes addictive after smoking just one cigarette, or marijuana can destroy brain cells.

In D.A.R.E I have learned about drugs and how to stay away from them, like if someone would say “do you want a cigarette?” one way you can get away is say no while walking away or you could give a reason why you don’t want one like “no thanks, my parents would ground me” that way they will leave you alone. I also learned what to do if you can’t get away from them, you can change the subject or you could talk them into doing something else like playing basketball or baseball.

I think the D.A.R.E program was a fun and comfortable way of learning about drugs. This way we don’t feel like we can’t say no to people because we did skits of what it would be like and it was easy to say no. I think the program was fun because if enough people wore their D.A.R.E  shirt we got extra recess and also because we had fun while we were learning about drugs. Like when we learned about chew and we got to see Mr. dip lip, Deputy Thomas made him talk and we had a good time, or when he brought in the black lung with the split and made it look like a mouth.

I will use my knowledge of drugs next year because I want to try out and make the basketball team and if I use drugs it will not be good for my body so I will not be very good. Like smoke can mess with your lungs and heart and make you run out of breath easily and slow you down. It will also kill your brain cells so I wouldn’t be able to react as fast and in basketball you have to be able to react very fast to be good. The tar in cigarettes also will make you cough and hack it back up and then the coach will take you out of the game and that is not what I want.

I think what I have learned in D.A.R.E will stay with me for the rest of my life and will always get me out of bad situations if I try. If anyone would offer me a cigarette I would say “no I would get in too much trouble” or just say no and walk away. Or knowing that cigarette smoke would slow me down in sports like basketball and my two best skills in basketball are jumping and running and if I smoke I will lose my breath and not be able to use those skills.

My pledge is to stay drug free and not to do stupid things and get involved with the wrong group of people in life. I will always keep myself and my friends safe all their life and my own.


Integrity, does it matter?

In The Reading Workshop we had to tell if we thought integrity was, and then explain what we thought Kevin from Freak the Mighty thought integrity was.

I think it is important for a sixth grader to have integrity because then teachers and students will know who they can trust to do important jobs. It also will help them when they will need help with something. If a sixth grader has integrity they will be known for what they do and how they do it.

Kevin’s view of integrity is to let your actions show what kind of person you are, I think Kevin’s view of integrity is a good way to put it. Some people may not look like they are kind and honest and then as soon as someone gets use to them they will know they are kind and nice. Then someone who looks like they are a good person could really be someone who is mean and never can get along.

Travel Team

I am reading the book Travel Team by Mike Lupica, this book is about the main character, Danny Walker getting cut from travel basketball. Danny gets cut because he is so short, but he is a great player. Danny’s father then comes to their hometown and stays for a while. After Danny’s father Richie learns that Danny didn’t make travel because of his size and not how well he plays ball, he starts a travel team his self.

The travel team is made of the players who didn’t make the official travel team, so they are not the best players. Then one day Ty Ross, a great player for the actually travel team, comes into the gym while Danny and the rest of the team is practicing and joins in, Danny and Ty make really good plays and can understand what the other has in mind and Danny knows that he is on the wrong team. Ty and Danny become really good friends and then they have a scrimmage between Danny’s team the Warriors and Ty’s the Vikings, Danny keeps getting fouled by the same person and decides to foul back, but instead of hurting the kid fouling him, he hurts Ty… Ty can’t play until the end of the season, and Danny feels really bad. Danny will have a lot of other challenges and hardships in the near future and I’m sure he will get through them.

My Destiny, Do I control it?

In The Reading Workshop we had to comment on a blog post asking us if we control our destiny and what we are doing to steer our lives toward it. This is what I said:

I think that you control your destiny if you want to. I think this because I have seen kids who just mess around and don’t even try to do their best and control their destiny. I have also seen and know kids who work very hard at school and get good grades and don’t give up.

What I am doing to steer my life towards success is trying my best at everything I do in school at home any where I have to do something. I try to have fun while I’m doing it though and sometimes it gets too fun and have to bring it to a level where it is fun but still work that needs to be done and will be done. Like with the tests coming up I am trying really hard to do everything right and not to make any mistakes.

What do you think? Do you control you destiny? If so how?

My Potential

In The Reading Workshop we had to tell what we think our potential is, this is what I said.

I think I’m close to reaching my potential but also far away from it. I think this because I know how to do the test and I have prepared for it since the start of the year, but I know I can learn more and achieve even more then this. I know I can do it and I know I will but I want to do more then this I want to blow this test out of the water. I want to score high and use the knowledge I have and the knowledge I will learn in the next two weeks. If I just keep pushing myself and have the support from family and friends the test will be hard but easy in a way. I’m so close I can feel my full potential showing but getting it out will be tricky. There is one thing that I know for sure though, my  full potential will be here on April twenty-seventh when I really need it.

Thanks for reading, please comment and tell me what your potential is.

My Saturday

It is Saturday and guess what I’m doing? No I’m not sitting around at home or out with family or seeing friends. No I’m in school! We went over our snow days and landed four Saturdays that we had to come to school, it isn’t bad because I get to see friends but still it’s Saturday. Today is fun because we are having pajama day, and two of our others we had mix matched and hat day. I would still rather be home playing basketball or riding my bike or just hanging around, but I guess I got to be here so I will live and we get out early so I might be able to do something afterwards.

Wolf Rider

“I killed someone” how would you respond to that? In the book Wolf Rider by Avi, Andy Zadinski gets a phone call by a man  and the first thing he says is “I killed someone”. Andy gets his friend Paul to call the police and trace the call, but the cops don’t believe them. Andy then tries to find out who the man is and what he is talking about. Andy’s life gets turned upside down by this call, he then discovers the man didn’t kill the person. Andy knows this because he tracks her down and finds her. Will Andy figure out this insane mystery?

No More Dead Dogs

I have just recently finished the book No More Dead Dogs by Gordan Korman. In this book a high school boy named Wallace Wallace goes from a football star to a drama nerd in a couple of months. This happens when Wallace turns in a bad report on a book that his teacher really likes, so when he turns this report in he is put in detention until he turns in a good report. Wallace hated the book and never tells a lie and when his two best friends Rick and Feather want Wallace to turn in a report that they wrote Wallace will not do it, because he didn’t think the book was good at all. Wallace’s detention puts him in the school play for the same book that he hated and he is kicked off the football team until he turns his report in.

After a couple of days in detention Wallace starts helping the cast of the play with lines and scenes.Wallace then starts to become a part of the crew. Wallace doesn’t want to be there and neither does the rest of the football team and the cast of the crew, but then the play starts getting attacked with jokes like marbles on the stage, shredding the scripts, and everyone blames Wallace and Wallace denies everything. He knows he didn’t do it and he has a whole football team that would want Wallace back and would do this to the play. Wallace never lies so will the cast believe him? Will he get back on the team? Wallace wants to know, do you?

Helping others

In The Reading Workshop we were to comment on a video showing a group of people helping each other to view this go to the Reading Workshop. This is my comment.

When I was asked to comment on this post one person came to my mind, Micah. Micah comes to my mind because whenever anyone drops their stuff Micah is always there to help, even if they drop it from halfway across the room he is there. Micah also helps anyone with Study Island all the person has to do is ask. Micah will help out in anyway he can, he is just that kind of person.

Another person that comes to my mind is Ian, he is a smart kid so other students ask him for help all the time and he will no matter what.

Eric is another student who will help out in anyway possible, he is a student who will not give up in what he thinks. This is what makes him a person that you can ask for help and will give it a hundred percent.

Recently Ian, Micah, Eric and myself were asked to exchange computers in our class room. It took us a pretty decent amount of time to do it almost two hours actually, but we didn’t complain and had fun. We messed up and rewired a couple of them wrong but Ian and Micah fixed that while me and Eric changed some of the other computers, it was a challenge but it just shows how ever one has a part of them that is willing to help.

Why I want to keep Reading

Today in The Reading Workshop we read for about a half hour and were to explain why we want to keep reading our book.

In the book I am reading called Kidnapped, The Abduction by Gordon Korman.  Aiden and Meg Falconer are trying to get their lives back after their parents were put in jail for helping terrorists. If you want to read about this read the On the Run series by Gordon Korman. Aiden and Meg are walking home from school one day when these three people try to kidnap them but Aiden puts up a fight and manages not to be kidnapped, Meg on the other hand does. I want to keep reading this book because it is filled with action just like the On the Run series that this series follows. today during my reading Meg’s kidnappers put up a two million dollar ransom for her and Aiden her older brother has to give the kidnappers the money. While this is happening to Aiden, two FBI agents are searching the warehouses where Meg is being held, will Aiden be able to save Meg? Will the FBI agents come out of the warehouse with her? I don’t know but plan to find out.